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Excerpt from Sleep Tight

The feeling that she wasn’t alone sneaked up on her. There wasn’t a single moment – the scuffing of a shoe, the glimpse of a dark shadow – that persuaded her. It was something else entirely. It was the feeling that somebody’s eyes were boring into her back. She just knew.


Her body grew rigid, and every nerve ending tingled. Should she run? Or would that be a signal to him to chase and catch her? Should she turn into somebody’s drive? But he could be on her before she reached the door.

Was it better if he knew that she was aware of him? If she turned round to look, would that precipitate a reaction? She didn’t know.


But he was there. She just didn’t know how close he was.


Without thinking, she turned her head quickly. The street was empty. Wasn’t he behind her? He was somewhere, she was certain. She glanced across at the park and thought about the swaying swing. He could be walking alongside her now, hidden behind the shrubs that lined the dark, unlit pathway.



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