Bright sunshine flooded through the tall windows, touching each surface with its dazzling light. Every corner of the room was bathed in a soft yellow glow, and its elegant proportions were displayed to their best advantage. It was a disaster. The one thing she hadn’t allowed for was a sunny day.


Maximum impact—that’s what she was striving for. The clothes, the hair, the jewellery; her attention to detail had been impeccable, and any false note would influence his perception of her credibility. But instead of completing the illusion by creating subtle lighting and atmospheric shadows, the room was more akin to a floodlit stage. It was the end of October in London. It was supposed to be raining...

Excerpt from Kill Me Again

'The lady in the picture had eyes like that doll of Lily’s – the one Auntie Ceecee bought her,’ Josh said.

Maggie felt a chill. He didn’t need to say any more. Her aunt had bought a Victorian doll for Lily when she was three – a strange choice because Ceecee said the doll was too expensive to play with. So the doll, named Maud by Lily, had sat on a shelf in her bedroom, to be looked at but never touched. Then Lily had started to have nightmares.


‘What were you dreaming about, baby?’ Maggie had asked after she had brought a terrified Lily into bed with her and Duncan.

‘It’s Maud. She watches me.’

‘What do you mean, Lil?’ Duncan had asked. ‘She’s just a doll.’

‘Does that mean she’s dead, Daddy?’

‘No, sweetheart. Somebody made her, like we sometimes make things out of Play-Doh. She’s never been alive.’

‘Is that what people’s eyes look like if they’ve never been alive?’

The doll now lived in a cupboard, but Maggie knew exactly what Josh meant about the eyes.

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