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We were all there that day. Now one of us is dead...

The first time Jemma and Matt were invited to Polskirrin - Lucas Jarrett's imposing ocean-view home - it was for an intimate wedding that ended in tragedy. Jemma will never forget the sight of the girl's body floating towards the rocky shore. 

Now, exactly one year later, Lucas has invited his guests back for a macabre anniversary.

But what Lucas has in store for them is nothing like a candlelight vigil. Someone who was there that night remembers more than they'll admit to, and Lucas has devised a game to make them tell the truth.

Jemma believes she and Matt know nothing about what happened... but what if she's wrong? Before you play a deadly game, make sure you can pay the price...

Please note:

In the USA this title is called THE INVITATION and can be found by clicking the button below.


 Praise for Rachel Abbott


‘The queen of psychological thrillers’

 Fabulous Magazine


‘A dark, extremely readable, well-plotted psychological thriller.’

The Times


‘There’s a clever twist, which Abbott carefully unveils… it’s easy to see why readers kept coming back for this author’s thrills.’

The Observer

'A properly addictive, leave-the-light-on thriller.'

Red Magazine

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