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Never miss a Facebook post

My readers often tell me that they get frustrated because they don't see all my Facebook posts. The fact is that Facebook only automatically sends posts to about 2% of my followers! That means your chances of seeing every post are very low.

The good news is, there are lots of ways you can make things better!

The most simple way is to like, comment and share as often as possible. Facebook will then know you are interested in my posts.

If you want something a little more secure, there are a few other things you can do:

On a computer:


Option 1: Bookmark the page

Click on my name to go to my page (as opposed to your own timeline). Click Bookmarks in your browser and add the current page. You can then return any time you like to check what's going on, and what you've missed.

Option 2: Create a Shortcut

From your Facebook HOME page, select Shortcuts and Edit (left hand side of the screen).

Select the Rachel Abbott page and choose PIN TO TOP. You can pin more than one to the top, it just means you see them first.


Option 3: Prioritise posts

Go to News Feed (from your HOME page), top left.

Click the three dots.

Edit preferences, and choose Prioritise who to see first

From the drop down (defaults to ALL) 

Search for my image and click. It will put a star on it, which means See First. You can add others to this list too.


On the mobile app:

There are two options, and for each of these, you need to:


Click on 3 lines (bottom right)

Scroll down to Settings and Privacy




Option 1: To set up a shortcut


Find the Rachel Abbott page and PIN TO TOP


Option 2: To prioritise posts

Select Settings

Scroll to News Feed preferences

Choose Prioritise who to see first

Tap on my face to add to the top of the list

I hope that helps. 

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